John R Burke II

john r burke II

John R Burke II is an entrepreneur, marketer & business optimizer who is currently the owner/CEO of Paramount Fence (a fence installation company in Southeast Michigan).

John Burke is also the founder of:

John is mostly known as a visionary, leader and high performer in the fence construction industry. He is currently growing his own business while helping others develop into a profitable small business by building a strong brand/position in the marketplace, optimizing their processes to be more efficient, and telling their story via social media & digital marketing.

John has been working as a marketer/consultant for businesses and public figures since 2008 when a strong focus on digital branding and advertising became essential to business success. Since then, John has been responsible for helping generate over 25 million dollars in revenue for various businesses including: national manufacturers, contractors, food vendors and public figures/influencers.

John is a Christian family man with a beautiful wife and 5 children, all boys! When he is not hustling, he enjoys playing chess, harmonica, and backpacking/camping in the outdoors.

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